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* America's Premier Educational Consultants for Post-Graduate Year Placement *

We are a team Ivy League-trained, independent educational consultants, athletic and artistic advisors, former college athletic consultants, former private school board members and trustees, and active alumni from selected educational institutions.

Our cutting-edge knowledge and experience in educational and admissions advising afford us the ability to successfully help our clients navigate the PGY process and have positive outcome and results.  Our senior advisor and internationally-recognized admissions expert is Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe

Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe

Dr. Lowe understands and has insider-knowledge that can help his clients gain admissions into the top PGY programs.  Whether you are interested in DI, DII or DIII schools, Dr. Lowe can assist you in achieving that goal by helping you to gain admissions into your desired PGY program.

Why Hire Dr. Paul Lowe? Because he provides RESULTS!

Email: info@postgraduateyearadmissionsadvisors.com                                                                                            

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